Are Water Filters really worth it?

First off, let’s look at the 5 main types of water filtration

1. Water Pitcher Filters like the Brita jug

These are one the most common filters on the market. They are cheap and ease of use and found in most home stores which make it an easy purchase. These tend to use a carbon filtration process which reduces the chlorine and chemicals from the tap water. It is important to change these filters often.

2. Faucet Filters

These are the second most popular on the market and in my view, the most ugly. They use a carbon filtration process and fit directly on your faucet (tap). As the filters on these are small, they require frequent changing. Faucet filters are sometimes a concern due to the fact that there is very little contact time between the filter surface and the water passing through. Initial cost is cheap but they do require frequent changing and in my view not worth it if you have a nice tap.

3. Counter top Water Filters

This is quite popular, and also fairly economical. These water filters connect directly to your faucet with the filter sitting on your counter, again in my view this is an ugly solution. Most counter top water filters use carbon as well as other technologies which give you a higher level of filtration than most water pitcher filters and faucet filters.

4. Reverse Osmosis Filters / systems

These have also had their time, and are now becoming less popular as they remove the taste to brew a fine cup of coffee or tea. Reverse osmosis is a water purification system; it uses a membrane combined with carbon filtration to remove almost everything from the water. Filter replacements can be expensive and some require professional maintenance.

5. Portable Water Filters

Usually these are used for filtering contaminated river water when travelling. But, I think it’s worth looking at the Bobble: It is an ‘in bottle’ filter that filters the water as you drink, using a re-usable hard plastic bottle, check out For those in the US you can now enjoy a bobble jug, unfortunately due to its popular demand this isn’t available in the UK yet.

Bottled water can be another good choice when travelling in foreign countries where the water quality might be questionable. However, with plastic waste and energy consumption a concern when creating such bottles, it has put a negative spotlight on the bottled water industry.

So why are we filtering our water?

  • For some, it’s about supporting a healthy lifestyle and reducing the number of contaminants we consume.
  • For others it’s about brewing the best tasting tea or coffee possible or creating a beverage with full flavour.
  • All in all filtered water also supports a more ‘green’ nation when the alternative is buying bottled water.

Yes, filtered water is worth it and depending on your budget there is a product to suit.

According to research by the people at Triflow Concepts 200,000,000,000 litres of bottled water were consumed globally in 2009. This generated 1,500,000 tons of plastic waste, and 170,000,000 litres of oil was required to produce and transport plastic bottles. Is it morally acceptable to engage in this profligate use of the earth’s energy resources when clean water is still an unthinkable luxury in certain parts of the world?

And what’s the alternative?

The alternative is to install a filter tap which will pay for itself in less than a year. Not to be confused with water softeners, where salt is added to the water supply of the entire home, water filters come in the form of either a replacement tap with filter system, or a standalone filter cartridge that fits in the cupboard beneath any tap. Today we are can choose between a number of different water filtering systems according to health requirements and taste. The type of filtration offered by these systems varies, and this article sets out to demystify some of the options.

Source: Design Matters

And where does First Class Water fit into the equation?

Well, we are different from above 5 types of water filtration. We install an under sink water filtration solution (Everpure Claris Water Filter) that connects to your mains drinking water supply. This type of solution is becoming very popular in the UK, as it is in the US. We specialise in the supply of filtered tap water using a commercial grade filter that can connect upto 5 kitchen appliances which eliminates lime scale and the problems associated with its deposits.

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