Another quality 'Back to tap' installation

This is a seamless integration of an Everpure Water Filter with Quooker and mains drinking water tap.
It is what we call a ‘Back to tap’ installation.


In this instance we connected the filter to the Quooker and the mains tap water supply.

You’ll have to look hard to see the water filter, but its there, looking all sleak. We call this a seamless integration of appliance with water filter .

Everpure Claris: For water you can trust

We work to ensure your water is treated specific to the appliances served with your Everpure Claris Water filter solution and tailored to the regions water properties.
Water is the most important resource in both our homes and the catering industry, with nearly every hot or cold drink and dish requiring water.
The Claris Water XL filter from First Class Water reduces limescale, heavy metals and chemicals such as chlorine, working to improve the life span and functionality of each catering machine it feeds and improves the quality of drinks and food.

Whether you are looking to improve the quality of water to your Quooker, boiling water tap, coffee machine, vending machine, combination ovens, steamers or American style fridge freeze, the Claris Water filter XL offers an effective, commercial grade water filter that can be connected to a total of 5 appliances with any one filter installation; making it a cost effective solution.


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Product Details: Everpure Claris XL for your home, office or restaurant

Author: Angela Kennedy, Marketing

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