Descaling your espresso machine … and the effects of limescale

See what happens when an espresso machine suffers with lime scale build up


In this movie you will see what happens when an espresso machine suffer from lime scale build up from being in a hard water area.

Such large amounts of lime scale causes appliances to stop working, costing you money on call out engineers and time wasted whilst the machine isn’t working.

In the case of cafes and restaurants this downtime is revenue lost and leaves the engineer with the task of descaling the machine and often having to replace washers.

Neglecting your equipment is just as bad as not replacing the filter too. Whilst we don’t mind descaling boiling water tanks or espresso machines, we would rather be replacing just the filter, it’s easier for us and prolongs the life of upto 5 appliances.

What we recommend is installing an Everpure Claris, 5-stage softening and filtering system to your coffee or espresso machine. This is a filter that allows us to dial in the amount of mineral preferred for your specialty coffee and steam applications. We ensure the right water is supplied to your espresso maker with tailored hardness control.


Author: Angela Kennedy, Marketing, First Class Water Ltd

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