How to make 'Eco friendly' lemonade .. celebrating filtered tap & Quooker tap water

Making lemonade

So! i asked our Twitter peeps what their favourite summertime drink is: With a view to making it the following week.

The majority came back with ‘lemonade‘. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my organic produce and shop at some of London’s finest grocery’s; The Grocery on Kingsland Road, WholeFoods, Leila’s Deli shop, Lidgates, The Boundary etc. But never have I made a juice from 100% raw ingredients.

Watch and learn .. How I made lemonade using the Quooker boiling water tap.

How to make Eco friendly lemonade

4 lemons juiced
3 – 4 cups of chilled filtered tap water
1 cup of sugar syrup

First of all, make the sugar syrup
1 cup of filtered boiling water – we use a Quooker tap
1 cup of sugar – organic of course

Mix your filtered boiling tap water with the sugar until dissolved & set to one side until needed. Simple!

Then .. combine ingredients for tasty lemonade
Now add your lemon juice, sugar syrup & 3 – 4 cups of cold filtered tap water to a pitcher, give it a taste test & refrigerate for 30 mins.

Perfect! Serve with ice & a few lemon slices.


Within a previous YouTube clip i made an iced elderflower drink using Rocks cordial, however, nudged by QuookerUK to make elderflower cordial from scratch I have embarked on making future summer drinks from raw ingredients .. and believe me this is a first and I welcome that nudge.

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