How to filter drinking water at home

sparkling-notextIt’s simple: Add a commercial grade filter to the cold side of your kitchen mixer

First Class Water, as drinking water specialists, we work with all types of kitchen taps for the supply of chilled, boiling, carbonated and filtered drinking water.

Admittedly we typically work with the higher end brands, but to be fair any water supply or dispensing tap can be fitted with a filter to dispense a great tasting drinking water.

This week we are focussed on Vola mixer taps, fitting the Everpure Claris XL water filtration system to the mains cold supply to dispense filtered drinking water.

Filtered drinking water is for those:

  • That value the quality of their drinking water
  • That respect good kitchen design
  • That don’t like the clutter of a water filter jug or a separate drinking water tap
  • Who prefer the natural taste of still water on demand from their own mixer tap

How do we turn the mixer tap into a drinking water dispensing tap?

Using Everpure’s Claris filter technology it turns ordinary tap water into fresh water, removing those substances that can impair its taste whilst retaining the good minerals to enhance the beverage.

It’s that simple

Our filtered drinking water solution is one of the simplest on the market, working with commercial grade water filters that require yearly cartridge exchanges, while others require 6 monthly changes.  Our approach doesn’t require an extra tap by the sink, there’s nothing complicated in fitting a high grade filter to the mains tap, and it supports the integrity of the kitchen design with the best tasting water possible.