Good kitchen design

toprightDeserves good water filtration

We work with some of the finest kitchen companies to improve the quality of water from dispensing appliances

UK mains water is hard, and often lime scale deposits on our kitchen appliances cause them to breakdown. Which is why we believe that great kitchens deserve great water filtration: This ensures great tasting beverages and protects equipment from lime scale deposits

Working with commercial grade water filters we are able to connect all of ones kitchen appliances to the one water filter, making a neat job of every water filtration installation we carry out.

Quooker + lime scale reducing filter

A protective limescale reducing filter that protects the Quooker & gives a better tasting beverage.

Kitchen appliances

Connecting up to 5 kitchen appliances to the one water filter makes a neat installation in support of great kitchen design & great tasting water.

Quooker, Steamer, Coffee machine, Fridge Freezer / Ice Maker and Mains drinking water supply: We have it covered

Filtered Tap Water: Simple

For premium tasting water straight from the mains tap using an Omnipure filter. This solution removes the need to buy expensive and un-necessary pre-packaged water.


Appliances we connect to the one commercial grade water filter include:

– Quooker boiling water tap
Coffee machine
Fridge freezer / Ice maker
Mains tap water / filtered drinking water


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