How does Everpure's Claris Water Filter stand up to filtering so much water?

Under sink Everpure Claris Filter as connected to the mains drinking tap water & Quooker and can connect upto 5 kitchen appliances

The highest mineral content in UK mains water lies around 20GH. (GH, German Hardness).

The water filtration solution we recommend for most kitchens is manufactured by Everpure and called The Claris XL water filter. This filter connects to your mains drinking tap, Quooker and up to 5 kitchen appliances.

Due to its 5 blend stage filtration system it is able to filter 7200 litre with a mineral content of 20GH. The filter reduces the levels of calcium and other minerals within the water, therefore protecting appliances such as the Quooker, steamers and coffee machines from potential scale damage.

The Claris filter has customisable settings to allow the perfect level of minerals to be retained, this is important not only for the protection of appliances from scale damage but to create a good glass of drinking water: Water without mineral content is not very appealing in taste and does not extract the right amount of flavour for a good cup of coffee or tea.


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