How to de-scale your Quooker aerator and nozzle

How to de-scale your Quooker tap aerator and nozzle in a few simple steps

When we service a Quooker boiling water tap we typically change the aerator, but it is just as easy for you to refurbish with an overnight vinegar soak, this how you can de-scale your quooker tap aerator and nozzle.

So, not everyone wants to service their own Quooker tap, we get that but those that like a more hands on approach here’s how to help maintain a scale free nozzle.

Here’s what you do

1. Unscrew the Quooker tap nozzle. It should come off easy enough

2. Now remove the aerator. This will either come off with the nozzle or stick to the tap, but can be pulled off with little effort along with the rubber washer.

3. You now have 3 elements to hand:

The aerator
The nozzle
The rubber washer

4. Put all 3 elements in a small cup and cover with vinegar (household fish and chip vinegar is fine, as is Aspells organic)

5. Leave this to soak over night and then put the tap back together in the morning

 It is that simple and will remove all the scale that may have built up on these elements.

Of course, there is always the option of fitting a lime scale reducing filter to the Quooker tap which will keep scale at bay on a more permanent basis, which we warrant and recommend.