How hard water or limescale can affect your kitchen appliances or Quooker boiling water tap

limescale-quookerLimescale and the effects it has on kitchen appliances and specifically the Quooker boiling water tap

Here’s a typical enquiry from a Quooker customer noting: “A drop in flow rate from the Quooker boiling water tap”.  In this instance the inquiry came from someone living within the Berkshire district.

Our reply snippet:

In your area (Wokingham, Berkshire), mains water has a different structure compared to the rest of the UK. Lime scale build up is very sandy instead of being flakes of scale. The sandy lime scale particles will attach to the inlet which feeds water into the Quooker tank. Above 65 degrees celsius de-solved particles will crystallise and will attach to metal components.

The stainless steel inlet over a period of a year has been collecting scale and has slowly narrowed the inlet. Therefore you are experiencing a drop in flow rate.

Also the scale build within the Quooker’s internal “Hitec” filter will have collected scale and will only add to the drop in flow rate. Attached you will find two pictures, one a blocked inlet and two the amount of scale you will find in your tank when servicing the boiler.

In this instance we would fit a lime scale reducing filter to prevent scale problems arising again, and at the same time improve the quality of your drinking water. Scale issues will be a thing of the past with this solution in place and just once a year you will have to replace the cartridge. This is very easy to do.

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