The Quooker red light and what it means to you

When the Quooker red light is constantly on, your tap is ready to dispense boiling water

We are often asked about the Quooker’s red light on the base of the tap. It is there to let you know the water is ready to dispense or that it is still heating up the water up to a boiling temperature.


With the red light on, simply push and turn the tap to dispense boiling water for the perfect beverage. It is that simple.

What if the Quooker red light is flashing?

If the red light is flashing it means the water is still heating up to 100o within the tank, so leave it a minute or two until the red light is constantly on before making that cuppa.

How long does it take to heat the water up to 100o boiling temperature from scratch?

Once your Quooker has been installed or perhaps filling up from empty it will take around 15minutes to heat up (probably less, but give it 15 minutes to make sure). You are waiting for the red light to stop flashing.

Once the red light has stopped flashing, the Quooker is ready to dispense the boiling water.