sparkling-notextDelivering the best tasting drinking water possible

Filtered tap water

Filtered, fresh and great tasting water straight from your tap. Choose from our premier Everpure Claris Water Filter or our Omipure 2000.

Chilled water on tap

Plumbed in Water Coolers that allow you to dispense, bottle and drink your own chilled water at the gym, on the road, or at work.

Sparkling water on tap

Go sparkling with tailored ‘fizzy’ water straight from your tap. Get luxuriously chilled and sparkling water at the tap with our under counter unit.

Ambient, carbonated and still water / under counter unit

For an under the counter unit to give you ambient, carbonated and chilled water from your tap, we recommend the U90 / U270..

Lime scale reducing filter for your Quooker

The Claris Water filter is a next generation scale reducing filter that connects to your Quooker, mains drinking water and up to 5 kitchen appliances, making it a unique filtration solution.

Hard water filter for your kitchen appliances

Hard water causes tlime scale to build up within appliances and around your taps, causing them to stop working. We specialise in connecting the one commercial grade water filter to all ones kitchen appliances including the mains drinking water tap.

Water filter diverter:  For a choice of filtered or non-filtered water

With the ABODE SWITCH, you choose either filtered or unfiltered water from your mains drinking tap. Simply turn the control to indicate the type of water you require.