Limescale reducing filter

sparkling-drinkingAs experts in limescale removal, we have sought out the best filters on the market for you

We are limescale removal specialists sourcing the best limescale reducing filters for UK application

The filters we choose are next generation scale reducing filters and often we stick to coconut carbon as our preferred.

We typically connect the one filter to your Quooker boiling water tap, steamer, fridge freezer, ice maker, coffee machine and mains drinking water. This makes us unique, and gives you a slicker, more efficient supply of filtered water from your dispensing appliances.

Example appliances our filters connect to:

  • Mains drinking water
  • Quooker boiling water tap and Insinkerator
  • Steamer
  • Coffee machine
  • And American style fridge freezer
  • Ice maker

Fitted to your mains drinking water our coconut carbon filters will dramatically improve the quality of your drinking water.

Filter capacities range from 1500 to 7000 litres in areas with high scale content.