Loving the uptake of restaurants to offer house filtered tap water

More restaurants are choosing to offer house filtered water to customers …

It’s definitely a sign of a good restaurant when it offers filtered still and sparkling water free of charge.

Lately I have been experiencing a number of London restaurants moving back to tap, offering customers house filtered water free of charge and typically served in a nice glass bottle.

Some are also offering house filtered sparking which is just brilliant. We salute all restaurants that ditch bottled water to offer customers house filtered water free of charge.


Here’s a few restaurants that get my vote for offering filtered tap water for free


Ransomes Dock, London: www.ransomesdock.co.uk

35-37 Parkgate Road, London SW11 4NP

I really like this place, it’s a bit of treasure when it comes to the wine menu, food and filtered tap water served free of charge. If you ask nicely the waiting staff might show you the underground spa source which produces the water served to your table.  Underneath this restaurant use to be an old underground ice store, it is now un-used space bar the wee hole where the water is pumped out of the natural spa.



Brawn, East London

49 Columbia Rd, Bethnal Green E2 7RG

Now this is exquisite and new to East London. Serving both filtered chilled and sparking water as a goodwill gesture. Perfect menu, tapas style with strong french influence. Love the pork scratching thin bites. This food is honest, simple and a taste sensation.




Homa, Stoke Newington, London
71-73 Stoke Newington Church Street

For beautifully grilled fish, Italian waiters and a choice of still or sparking filtered water served to your table as standard:  This is a restaurant where food, wine, Italian culture and respect for lovely furniture combine to bring you a humble dining experience with stunning interiors and fantastic food.




Naamyaa cafe, Islington

407 St. John St. Islington EC1V 4AB

This is one cafe / restaurant that you’ll be visiting time and time again, with a menu that changes frequently and cocktails to tantilise … try the lavenda lemon foamy one, it is divine.

The restaurant looks ‘hot’, the kitchen steamy and open and food as spicey nice as the staff. Of course Naamyaa boasts a fantastic supply of  filtered boiling water from the Quooker tap by ourselves for specialties tea and a free supply of carbonated or still water to customers. And if you’re like me, you will welcome that carafe of water if going for the most spicey dishes.




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