Teasmith in Spitafields brews the perfect cup of tea

Teasmith, Spitafields brings fine tea tasting to its customers with the installation of Everpure’s Claris Water filter & Quooker boiling water taps   We love it when tea drinkers call on us. Tea originated in China thousands of years ago and the brewing of tea has become a refined art with health and spiritual aspects[…]

Loving the uptake of restaurants to offer house filtered tap water

More restaurants are choosing to offer house filtered water to customers … It’s definitely a sign of a good restaurant when it offers filtered still and sparkling water free of charge. Lately I have been experiencing a number of London restaurants moving back to tap, offering customers house filtered water free of charge and typically[…]

Another quality 'Back to tap' installation

This is a seamless integration of an Everpure Water Filter with Quooker and mains drinking water tap. It is what we call a ‘Back to tap’ installation.   In this instance we connected the filter to the Quooker and the mains tap water supply. You’ll have to look hard to see the water filter, but[…]

My renovated Kitchen £0

How much did you spend on your kitchen rennovation? Well! you will be surprised at the cost of mine, all made from recycled or gifted goods it cost around £5.       Kitchen costs 1. Counter – recycled table top & solid oak 2. Washer / Dryer – AEG, gift from flat purchase 3.[…]

The perfect summer drink: Elderflower cordial & filtered tap water

For the perfect summer drink why now try Rock’s Elderflower Cordial?  It’s not sharp, it’s not acidic, it’s subtle in taste and makes for a perfect mid morning drink on a hot summers day. & Ingredients A glass or vessal of your choice Elderflower Cordial (Rock’s) A srig of mint (optional & as suggested by[…]

Projects complete | Find us on Facebook

Visit us on Facebook to view photographs of our completed projects We install Quooker and Everpure Claris Water filter systems: Typically connecting the Claris XL to your mains drinking water, Quooker boiling water tap, American style fridge freezer, steamer and coffee machine. Projects complete To see more pictures of projects complete please visit our Facebook[…]