Teasmith in Spitafields brews the perfect cup of tea

Teasmith, Spitafields brings fine tea tasting to its customers with the installation of Everpure’s Claris Water filter & Quooker boiling water taps   We love it when tea drinkers call on us. Tea originated in China thousands of years ago and the brewing of tea has become a refined art with health and spiritual aspects[…]

65% agree that restaurants who offer filtered water are likely to serve better quality food

As water filtration specialists and providers of Everpure water filtration solutions we draw upon Everpure’s research to determine the overall attitude and desires that our water concerned individual has towards the quality of water in your home or restaurant. Everpureā€™s restaurant research reveals the following: Over 65% of consumers agree to strongly agree that restaurants[…]

Loving the uptake of restaurants to offer house filtered tap water

More restaurants are choosing to offer house filtered water to customers … It’s definitely a sign of a good restaurant when it offers filtered still and sparkling water free of charge. Lately I have been experiencing a number of London restaurants moving back to tap, offering customers house filtered water free of charge and typically[…]