Descaling your espresso machine … and the effects of limescale

See what happens when an espresso machine suffers with lime scale build up . 9SC5UXAG3Z5H In this movie you will see what happens when an espresso machine suffer from lime scale build up from being in a hard water area. Such large amounts of lime scale causes appliances to stop working, costing you money on[…]

How to make 'Eco friendly' lemonade .. celebrating filtered tap & Quooker tap water

So! i asked our Twitter peeps what their favourite summertime drink is: With a view to making it the following week. The majority came back with ‘lemonade‘. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my organic produce and shop at some of London’s finest grocery’s; The Grocery on Kingsland Road, WholeFoods, Leila’s Deli shop, Lidgates,[…]

The perfect summer drink: Elderflower cordial & filtered tap water

For the perfect summer drink why now try Rock’s Elderflower Cordial?  It’s not sharp, it’s not acidic, it’s subtle in taste and makes for a perfect mid morning drink on a hot summers day. & Ingredients A glass or vessal of your choice Elderflower Cordial (Rock’s) A srig of mint (optional & as suggested by[…]

Caffe Culture update | Revolutionary TopBrewer launch from

Top Brewer by scanomat – A revolutionary coffee machine, but not as you know them!   Caffe Culture is still open today so if you haven’t already visited this event at Olympia, it’s worth going just to see what’s going on in the world of coffee machines. And atlast a super slick coffee machine that’s[…]

YouTube. How to descale your Quooker boiling water tap

How to descale a boiling water tank by ‘gernerhahn’.   I came across this YouTube clip the other week and found myself in two minds as to whether it should have a blog post. So, here it is: On a more serious note: The lime scale build up you see here is typical to a[…]