Teasmith in Spitafields brews the perfect cup of tea

Teasmith, Spitafields brings fine tea tasting to its customers with the installation of Everpure’s Claris Water filter & Quooker boiling water taps


We love it when tea drinkers call on us. Tea originated in China thousands of years ago and the brewing of tea has become a refined art with health and spiritual aspects emerging as part of the process.

So when John Kennedy of Teasmith at Spitafields market came to us to fit a lime scale reducing solution to their Quooker boiling water taps we celebrated.

Since 99% of tea is water, better water makes better tea and water is critical to brewing a first class cup of tea. Brewing tea can be complex or simple, and if you ever fancy seeing a master at work visit Teasmith on Lamb Street by Spitafields Market, London.

Respect to tea drinkers …

For Luuk (founder of First Class Water) and for the many tea enthusiasts the brewing process is one of the most important parts of the tea experience, and fine teas are especially sensitive to the nature of water for infusion and it is this processes. It is this process that Luuk respects and that attracts other tea lovers to work with us. We work with you to install the right solution for your tea taking into account the PH value of your water supply to provide a bespoke solution, this give you the best water possible for fine teas.

About TeaSmith


At TeaSmith you can enjoy tea at our unique tea bar, indulge in amazing cake and chocolate, browse our stunning store deigned by Jonathan Clark for gifts for your new favourite tea, gifts for tea lovers and our range of exclusive tea ware and one-off gift items.
We’re serious about Exceptional Teas. Leaves produced on craft scale, grown in ideal conditions, and from authentic plants, have distinctive aromas, tastes and effects; vastly different from industrially-produced teas.

To share our passion obsession, we set up a unique tea bar. Everything we do from the leaves to the cup is done in front of you making the liquid in your cup an accessible, hopefully entertaining, luxury.

Visit: www.teasmith.co.uk– for a unique tea tasting experience at Spitafields Market, London

About First Class Water Ltd


We install and deliver Everpure Claris Water Filtrationsystems. The Claris Water Filter is a next generation lime scale reducing filter that can connecting to your mains drinking water, Quooker and 5 other kitchen appliances with tailored hardness control.

The Claris Water Filter removes lime scale, takes out chlorine, unwanted odors & reduces mineral content to a level that limescale deposits on taps & appliances become a-thing of the past.


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Author: Angela Kennedy

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