Which Quooker filter?

filtered-water-tapWe recommend an external filter with every Quooker installation

Depending on how you value the quality of your drinking water, you should consider an external Quooker filter for better tasting beverages and remove the problems caused by lime scale deposits.

The table below shows our typical range of Quooker filter products

Dispenser type Retro fit / Quooker only
Product name Omnipure 2000
Product code OMNI2000
Filter removes
Chlorine Yes
Fluoride Yes
Limescale Yes
Organic impurities Yes
Metals: Lead & copper Yes
The results
Better tasting cold drinks Yes
Better tasting hot drinks Yes
No more lime scale deposits Yes
Some finer points
Cartridge lifetime 12 months
Capacity Varies based on PPM and bypass levels
Cartridge fits vertically & horizontally Vertically
DIY installation Yes

Which Quooker filter?

Since the start of 2014 we started installing more and more of the OMNIipure range, often replacing previous Everpure installs and as part of the yearly maintenance service visit.

The OMNIpure filter is now are most popular when paired with the Quooker

The Omnipure is a compact filter, small and made of coconut carbon and it gives a great tasting beverage, and in many instances better than the Everpure.

The Everpure Claris range is still popular when connecting more than one appliance to the one filter, but we are seeing a decline in these installations and more people prefer to have two OMNIpure’s to connect to two different appliances.

Having said this, your choice of water filter may also depend on the set up you wish to have; you may want to connect a number of appliances to the one filter, and in this instance, the Everpure is a good product.

What about the Quooker’s internal filter?

The Quooker itself comes with an internal filter (HiTAC) as factory standard, however, this filter fails to remove or tackle the problems associated with lime scale deposits which are why we have researched, installed and recommend the Everpure and Omnipure range.

Your Quooker Warranty

Quooker does not warrant their appliance against scale damage which is worth noting given this damage can be avoided with a commercial grade water filter in place.


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